BFOREC Limited Board


  • The Honorary Chair, the Honorary Vice Chair, the Honorary Ex-Chair, the Honorary Treasurers, and the three Honorary Regional and/or country-wide Conveners shall be the directors of the BFOREC Company Limited within the meaning of the Companies Act, and Charity Trustees within the meaning of charity law, and constitute the BFOREC Board. 

  • The Honorary Secretary shall be registered as the Secretary of the BFOREC Company and Charity, and shall not serve as a company director.

  • The Honorary Vice-Chair shall normally become Honorary Chair in the year following her/his election, and then, in the year following her/his service as Honorary Chair, become Honorary Ex-Chair.  This arrangements is aimed to provide continuity and consistency in BFOREC leadership over a three-year period. 

  • None of the following shall serve on the BFOREC Board:

  1. employees of BFOREC,

  2. persons under eighteen years of age,

  3. persons who are bankrupt, or who are otherwise disqualified by law from serving as company  directors, or

  4. persons who have an unspent conviction involving dishonesty, or who are otherwise disqualified by law from serving as charity trustees

  • A member of the Board shall declare an interest in and shall not speak or vote in respect of any matter in which they have a personal, material or financial interest or any matter arising from it, and shall withdraw from any meeting while such a matter is discussed.

  • Members of the BFOREC Board may be paid all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by them in attending and returning from general meetings of BFOREC Forum, Board or other committees or in connection with BFOREC business, but otherwise, shall receive no remuneration.

  • The names of current directors of the BFOREC board can be found by clicking on BFOREC directors.