Recommended Reading


We recognise that many people do not know about the voluntary sector race equality movement and that it is important to raise public awareness about its work and activities.

In collaboration with Race Equality West Midlands, BFOREC has helped to develop and make available the following publications which have a direct bearing on the work of its members. Copies of these books can be obtained by contacting the secretariat of BFOREC on 0121 250 3859, or by ordering them from a good bookshop.

Published by Race Equality West Midlands 2006

ISBN (10) 0-9552586-1-8

ISBN (13) 978-0-9552586-1-9

Price £12

Race Equality in Local Communities - A guide to its Promotion by Frank Reeves

What is race equality? How can it be promoted at a local level?

This important book describes how a network of small voluntary-sector race equality organisations contributes to the elimination of racial discrimination and the promotion of equality of opportunity and good relations between ethnic and racial groups in the multi-racial cities, towns and rural districts of Britain. The history of post-Second-World-War immigration and race relations, together with successive governments’ policies and laws to date (2006) provide the backcloth against which the prodigiously-varied work of race equality councils and partnerships on policy development, community support, assistance to individuals, and public education, takes place.

This is an indispensable introductory text for students thinking of entering the field, and for new staff, trainees, and volunteers, already working for race equality organisations. Experienced officers can benefit from reading the cogent summaries of key inquiries, reports and debates on topics such as institutional racism, community cohesion, and multi-strand approaches to equality promotion.



Published by Race Equality West Midlands 2006

ISBN (10) 0-9552586-0-X

ISBN (13) 978-0-9552586-0-2

Price £8

From BUF to BNP by by Frank Reeves and Eric Seward

From BUF to BNP presents the key events in the history of the extreme right, from the founding of the fascist movement in Italy in 1919 to the electoral campaigning of the British National Party in Britain in the 21st century. The chronology shows the longevity of the extreme right-wing parties’ racist, anti-Semitic, populist, authoritarian, corporate, and nationalist value system, and of the intimidatory street politics that invariably accompanies their campaigns.

History shows how mainstream political parties often contribute to their own demise by capitulating to sustained pressure from organised racism and extremism. This book also demonstrates how anti-racists, democrats, and minority communities have a long and honourable tradition of effectively opposing the extreme right. The priority remains one of ensuring racist extremist parties and individuals are never permitted to capture positions of power in institutions of civil society and government.




Encyclopaedia of Contemporary British Community Cohesion Policy

The Encyclopaedia of Contemporary British Community Cohesion is a comprehensive and easily-assessible guide to documentation on community cohesion policy.  It contains:

  • Summaries of most of the major documents relating to the promotion of community cohesion at national and local level.

  • Information on other significant government initiatives which have a bearing on community cohesion in the context of urban regeneration and renewal.

  • Information on the role agencies promoting race and other equalities are expected to play in regard to community cohesion policy.

  • Details of the application and implementation of community cohesion policy by the major public services.

  • An account of the social, economic and political environment that gave rise to and continues to sustain national and local community cohesion initiatives.

  • A brief outline of the social concepts, theories and perspectives underpinning community cohesion policy.

  • Key social and demographic data relevant to relations between local communities.

  • A summary of indicators and measures of community cohesion.

  • Abstracts of the various criticisms made of community cohesion policy and its efficacy.

  • Other material judged relevant to providing a broader picture of the context in which community cohesion policy developed and continues to evolve, and of its links with other government strategy and programmes.

This is a comprehensive, credible and easily accessible reference book for race equality practitioners and equality and diversity officers in the public, private and voluntary and community sectors. The manuscript is also intended as an initial scoping document for researchers, students and academics in higher education.  From the outset, the encyclopaedia was designed to be user-friendly and, through its system of cross-referral, to enable the reader to explore the links between topics in order to acquire a broad overview of the field. 

Copies can be obtained by contacting Freda Edwards, Officer Administration and Events at REWM 0121 250 3859, alternatively at