Our Policies


Since it was set up in 2001 the Federation of Race Equality Councils has developed and pursued policies in support of the voluntary sector of the race equality movement and its constituent members, constantly trying to voice and represents its member organisationsí interests.

On this section of the BFOREC website we post policies which we have drafted for adoption or have already been adopted.

The most comprehensive of our published documents to date has been the BFOREC Manifesto to avert the collapse of the voluntary sector race equality movement and its servicesPlease click on Manifesto to see this important report.

We are periodically asked to consult on publications relating to race equality and cohesion generally, and more specifically, to the voluntary sector race equality movement, its future and its funding. Please click on Recent Consultations to access recent consultation documents and our response to them. 

Policies relating to the effectiveness and the efficiency of BFOREC as an organisation can be found under Our Organisation.